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Do my eyes deceive me?

Funny… At first glance it would appear that I drink pesto. And not so very long ago, I wrote about the power of our eyes to intrigue our desire for all things edible. While, your vision would be the instigator, God blessed us with other fabulous senses to bring the entire smoothie experience to fruition. If you simply rely on your sense of sight when it comes to this tall glass of green, your mind could rationalize that this is a glass full of a healthy concoction that I will have to tolerate by quickly gulping down to minimize the taste of fresh cut grass. But allow your sense of smell to partake and you will find a tropical aroma beckoning you and suddenly you are thinking, “Where is the paper umbrella?” The scents of sweet, golden pineapple and silky mango nectar find their way to your memories of sipping paradise on the beach or by the pool. But you were not wrong to impart the thought of nutritious. Tasting absolutely luscious can also mean that it is great for me! In the appropriate proportions, these blended beauties can fuel my body with what it needs to hydrate and maximize absorption of nutrients. So what is in my smoothies, which are my choice source of energy to start most days? Well, this day it was a little mango nectar, kale, chard, spinach, pineapple (that I cut up and froze when it a little more ripe than I enjoy), nutritional yeast and a banana. On another day, because of what I have in my freezer and fridge at the moment, it will be Peaches, pineapple, fresh squeezed juice from mandarins, spinach, flax and chia seeds. Doesn’t sound good? Wait, do not taste with your ears. “But I can’t unhear those ingredients”, you say. Then, let your brain change your perspective. Try again. What is it? Pineapple, mango smoothie with power greens and tomorrow Peachy smoothie with power greens. Better… but still not quite there? Well, my tongue is doing double duty because first my taste buds thank me for the delicious, icy treat and will stop between sips to tell you that the most accurate descriptions are that they are “Amped-up Tropical Smoothies!” Yum!

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