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I am a person with special needs and I’ve been working one-on-one with Denise.  I love seeing her on my computer screen because she makes working out fun. 

My legs feel much stronger and I feel like I  can walk further. 

Maddy P

My daughter is a young lady with a range of special needs , from vision/hearing impairment to weak muscle tone and balance issues.  She has been therapized to the max. . . physical therapy, occupational therapy, orientation and mobility therapy.  You name it.  Yet, she loves to move. . . to do Zumba with me, long walks, even tap dance.  When Denise recognized a love of movement and the potential my daughter has, we began some one-on-one sessions.    Our goal, as I see it, is to build strength, prevent injury and push my daughter’s physical boundaries a bit.  We’ve only been working via Zoom with Denise a few months, but already I see that Maddy has more range of motion in her arms and neck.  Plus, she says she feels stronger  “on my feet.” Beyond that, I notice confidence in my daughter that comes from knowing she possesses the strength to walk a certain distance or complete some challenging exercises.  And it’s fun to watch her run to the computer to meet Denise on line for a workout!

(Maddy P’s Mom)

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