Energy Conservation

What an emotional week, but DON’T CANNONBALL INTO THE LOO!

I took this picture on one of the last trips I was on and I know that is not the meaning of it, but it is what I saw today when I happened upon the pic 😁

The point I want to make is, don’t give all your energy to things that are out of your hands. Put your energy to things you can influence. On the most basic level, take care of YOU. Be healthy and strong so you can do the things that are important, so you can be there for the people that depend on you, so you can think clearly and take action for the betterment of this world. Your health plays a bigger part than most people realize, ask anyone that has ever gotten extremely ill or even think about the last time you were very sick or injured yourself. It affected EVERYTHING in your life.

When you are strong physically, it enables you to be stronger mentally. And if you need just a minute… don’t worry, I’ve got you!

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