Water is life, but I’d rather drink…

I drink a lot of water… most days. I drink water when I workout, so daily. I prefer cold, ice or even hot water over room temp. I even choose hot water over tea. But lately, I find myself wanting anything other than water when I’m not working out. I love a vitamin packed smoothie which I make myself using frozen fruit, unsweetened juice, flax and chia seeds and sometimes a handful of power greens. My guilty pleasure is a lychee green tea with boba, lychee and mango jellies, clear pearls and grass jelly. My beverage of choice on vacation is POG. It’s rare, but I enjoy a cold brew mocha frappe which I’ll make at home. It reminds me of when my grandma would let me have a sip of her coffee when I was little or she would give me coffee candy which was wrapped in pretty colored foils. To this day my favorite cake is still the Coffee Crunch Cake from Eastern Bakery in San Francisco Chinatown. Oh wait, I digress. So with all these other options, how will I get myself to stay on track getting the water that is so necessary to a fit life? I need to remind myself, that I am happiest when I feel strong and healthy and how water plays a part in that. So pay attention ME…

Water will rev up my metabolism and help me feel fuller… ok, I’ll eat less and that’s good, because even if I make healthy food choices, food is a comfort mechanism and I will eat way more than I need to or even really want to.

Water energizes me… because when I am dehydrated I feel sluggish and that is because the water helps my blood to transport oxygen and nutrients throughout my body so no wonder if I’m withholding water, I’m withholding what my body needs to function.

Water helps my workout to be more efficient… staying hydrated helps prevent muscle cramping and again with the energy… I need that to get the full benefit of my movements.

Warning: Potty talk… water keeps me regular as water aids in digestion… just sayin.

Water helps me to look healthier… which makes me feel more confident, as hydration of my skin cells will help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and keeps me looking younger.

Hmm… that’s all I have to say for now because I suddenly want to go drink some water!

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