If the shoe fits…

It doesn’t mean you should wear it.

“I love your top!” “The pattern of your leggings is so cute!” “Are short sleeves or no sleeves better for working out in?” “What kind of sports bra do you wear?” OK, lady… now you are getting kind of personal.

I’ve received these compliments followed by the inquirer wanting to know if I recommend the particular clothing for them. Or they’ve asked me those very questions; yes, even the one about the bra. My answer always goes to, “Workout in whatever you are most comfortable in. The most important thing is your shoes.” In terms of what you are wearing, other than gear necessary for your sport (eg: bike helmet or mitt), the most important thing for the non-professional athlete to invest in is shoes. That is not to say that you need the most expensive shoes that you can afford. You need the best shoe that is the most appropriate for your activity. The proper shoe can protect you from common injuries associated with your activity. Additionally a shoe designed for a specific sport or exercise can actually help your performance. No! I’m not saying you’ll be able to jump higher and dunk that basketball with the right shoe, even though the athletes selling those expensive kicks might have you believe that. What I’m saying is that shoes may assist in cushioning your foot from impact, they may make sudden directional changes easier, they could support your ankle, they could protect your toes… well, you get the idea. For instance, in Zumba Fitness, shoes designed for dance fitness will most always have a pivot point at the ball of your foot close to the big toe. It either looks like a circle or sometimes is simply the absence of tread. This allows for the twisting and pivoting movements associated with dancing, without the pulling and jarring of your knees and ankles. Students have told me that pain that they would experience from classes no longer appeared once they got new shoes as suggested. So, as you prepare for the new year, check your shoes and see if you need a new pair. Realize, that for the majority of the day, your feet are basically your contact point to the surface but your body is a complex system that works in unison so impact that begins in your feet affects your legs, hips, back, shoulders and all the way up to your head. Is the tread worn? Is the padding deflated? Do you have the correct type of shoes? Even if you have the right shoes for your activity, have they served you well and are now ready to be retired? Not sure, go try on a new pair and if suddenly your comfy standbys no longer seem as comfy, do your feet and essentially your body, a favor and treat yourself to new shoes! I’ve just given you a legitimate excuse to go shoe shopping. You can thank me by joining me for a workout!

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