Failed to lose weight? Here’s a fix

Covid-19 now has a new meaning; the pounds that are creeping up on you during these pandemic times. People keep telling me that they’re frustrated because they’ve tried multiple diets during this pandemic and none have worked. That one statement is enough to tell my why.

Retrain your brain! Weight loss is not a sprint, not a 40 yard dash. You need to think of it as a marathon. STOP! I knew where you were going already… if you were thinking, I could never do a marathon. Have you raised children? Marathon. Have you graduated from High School? Marathon. Have you worked in the same field for years? Marathon. Have you been married a year… JUST KIDDING! All those accomplishments took planning and execution, they took work, but with satisfying outcomes.

Society has us expecting instant gratification and we can get it without much physical effort. Want information? You just put a few keywords into a device and you have it in seconds. Hungry? You can have food delivered to your door in a little more than an hour. Need to shop for something? There’s a site that has most anything you are looking for and, in many cases, will even deliver the same day because 3 days, even tomorrow is not soon enough. So we fall into the weight loss pit. For a price, you can enroll in any number of programs that will help you lose weight 10lbs or more in 14, 21, 30 days, guaranteed. Don’t fall for it! Real sustainable weight loss takes time to happen and if done right, will not be regained and then some. The only way that I would guarantee losing at least 10lbs in 30 days is if you commit to chopping off your leg and even then, I do not guarantee that you will not regain the weight, minus your leg.

The way to drop the pounds and stay fit is to have a plan and work that plan, which includes sticking to it, and implementing beneficial changes that will last for the rest of your life. Some people can manage on their own. Others should hire someone to get them to their goal. You know which you are. If the latter, consider investing in yourself because you are worth it!

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