The Most Effective Exercise

…is the one that you will do… and do so consistently… and are able to do safely. There is no single exercise that is perfect for everyone so what is effective will differ with each individual.


activity requiring physical effort, carried out to sustain or improve health and fitness

Let’s start with the most effective exercise being the one that you will do. You know, as well as I, that just because you are able to do a movement, does not mean that you will. Executing the movement begins in your head. Not just knowing what the movement is and how to do it, but deciding to engage the muscle action. This means you have to want to and the “want to” comes from your “why”. When exercising, your “why” most likely is not a sense of immediate satisfaction, but the rather the long term achievement. After all, immediately it may feel difficult to do and may cause you to get winded and uncomfortable. Later in the day, you may feel tired and sore because of the exercise. But none of these are the “why”. If you do the exercise you will lose unwanted fat, you will become proficient in the movement and you will be healthier. Might that mean that your jeans will fit the way you like? Maybe it means you will be able to get on the floor and play with your kids or grandkids. Or, will you simply feel more confident? So first, know WHY you are doing the exercise.

The most effective exercise is the one you will do consistently. Now that you have your WHY, you must execute the plan to get to the goal. With any exercise it will take consistency to reach the prize and keep it. When you are consistent, you will get results. Remember to keep your Why in mind. For example, I am not a big fan of sweets BUT I love seasonal fruit pies. I could easily eat a slice of pie with each meal of every day. How is that for consistency? But, if I did that, my result would be an unhealthy body and low self-esteem. I would enjoy the pie in the moment, but it would derail me from my goals for my health so it would not have been worth it. Conversely, I may not always feel like working out, and it might seem hard in the moment, but doing so consistently gives me the results I want and it’s totally worth it!

The most effective exercise is the one that you will do consistently and can do safely. Every one has a different body and different situations. There are some situations that can be corrected but others that cannot, so you must do what is safe. How do you know what that is? Be sure to get regular health assessments. If you have a chronic condition, you MUST heed the advice of your doctor. If you are not confident with what the doctor prescribes, then get a second opinion, but seek counsel from a professional. Once you have a clear picture of your health, a Certified Personal Trainer would be able to design a program specifically for you. After all, exerting yourself in a way that is not safe could cause injury and sideline your goals or even keep you from reaching them.

Last thought, if you were feeling sad for me because you thought that I deprive myself of the joy of pie, don’t you fret. I enjoy a nice slice of pie every couple of weeks and in the summer, remember I favor seasonal fruit pies, probably two slices a week. I just make sure that I workout consistently… and I do, because I do what I enjoy and can safely do. Do the same and before long, you will see results.

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