We don’t know how many years and days our lives will hold. But, no matter who you are, you want your life to be well lived. So then, the great equalizer is each day. How so? Even the richest man in the world, who is currently a billionaire trending to be a trillionaire in the next five years, does not get more minutes in his day than you. The most sought after athletes, the most popular celebrities; not one of them gets more minutes in their day than you. 1440, that is how many minutes there are in each day.

Yes, you have minutes that are obligated to commitments; caring for others, work, sleep, hygiene. But I ask you to truly consider, what are you doing with your available minutes? Are you spending them in activities that make your life better. Time is an asset. How are you spending your currency. At the end of the day will you look back with regret and say to yourself that time could have been better spent? Might I suggest that you invest some of that time on yourself doing activities that may extend the days that you have. Get some gains on your investment.

Finding ways to “move” during your available time will get you a return on investment. Exercise is simply movement that requires physical effort. It can help you feel better. You will find that by moving regularly can increase the production of endorphins which are known to have a positive affect on mood, as well as reduce the perception of pain. The brain will also register serotonin and norepinephrine, hormones which relieve feelings of depression. Physically the benefits are many, but to mention a few: reduced risk of chronic disease, increased stamina, weight loss, muscle gain, stronger bones and better sleep.

Consistency is the key. Each day, try to get at least 30 minutes of moderate activity in. Don’t bail on me here. You don’t have to do squats, lunges and pushups unless you want to. Play your favorite songs and dance! Throw a ball around with the kids! Take a brisk walk with a friend! Go for a swim! Ride your bike! You can even go shopping at the mall, just remember that you want to get some moderate movement in, so before you pull out that wallet, window shop the entire mall and then double back to stores you want to check out. In general, take the stairs whenever possible and park further away if you are driving. Activity trackers can help you be more aware of your movement. For some people, that is all they need. For others, having a Personal Trainer who is in your corner and their purpose is to help you reach your fitness goals is the best way to stay accountable. 30 minutes of the 1440 that the day holds. You’ve got this!

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