Find a Way

Man looked to the sky and thought, if only we could fly. If only we could soar as the eagle does among the clouds. Imagination turned into an airplane. Determination turned into breaking the sound barrier. Belief turned into climbing beyond the atmosphere. Vision turned into traveling into space.

So, you are stuck. You have a barrier keeping you from moving forward, from advancing towards your goal. There is a blockade in your mind and that nasty thing called Doubt whispering in your ear. “What are you thinking? You can’t do that? It’s going to be too hard. Why put yourself through the trouble? It will be much easier to give up and do something else. It’s ok, let’s go.”

HEY! Before you go. I have a few questions…

Why did you set that goal to begin with? What would reaching your goal mean to you? How would you feel once you achieved it? As you get closer to your goal, would you feel stronger? More empowered? Confident?

Answering “Yes” to any of the last three questions is the reason you must find a way. Do not give up and turn around. Do not go back! I’m not saying that it won’t be hard. I’m not saying that you have to crash through that wall. Not having the strength to break through does not mean that you cannot get through. The wall may be high, and the face of it may be sheer but there is a way over. But if you are afraid of heights and going that way would give Doubt an edge, then look for a gap. It’s there. Do what you need to do to squeeze through. You may have to get uncomfortable and stretch yourself. Is that gap just not wide enough? Then remember why you set the goal. Remember what reaching that goal means to you. Remember how you will feel once you achieve it. Know that if you can just get to the other side of the barrier, you will feel stronger, more empowered and confident and you would be closer to achieving your goal. Then, what is left? Dig… dig deep if you have to… and it will be hard and probably slow but do it. Even if it means you need to get down and crawl under, because when you do, and you emerge from the darkness, you will be on the other side!

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