Power of One

ONE, is it a big number or small? It depends on the context in which it is being used and the circumstances surrounding that context. Because even in the same context, “one” can mean very different things. In a sports competition, to be number one would seem to be the goal; unless you are the first one eliminated. When it comes to the mighty dollar, one doesn’t seem like a very grand amount; unless that dollar puts you over the top. In a medical emergency, one minute could mean life or death. If you are going into surgery in one minute, that time comes so quickly: if you are in pain during that minute, it seems like an eternity.

Drop an object into a still body of water and it will create a ripple effect that multiplies and reaches far beyond it’s origin. This is the Power of ONE in fitness. Yet, even in fitness, the circumstances surrounding “one” will vary the outcome. Today, let’s focus that power on YOU.

Believe in the Power of ONE and use it to your advantage. I challenge you; do this for each day for a month. Each day plan one thing that you will do to be physically active above your normal day to day living. At the end of 30 days you will have put in a month of extra movement, one day at a time. Now, you may have a setback and miss a day and that’s ok. You are not a loser! What happens next matters. Remember, we said that circumstances will vary the outcome. You have the power to let that day stand alone, or you can choose to miss one more, and then another. Like in all the superhero movies, your power can also work against you, BUT don’t forget that it is yours to control. Get back in the game and do one day of moving, then one more and keep taking it one day at a time.

Here’s the exciting thing, the Power of ONE can be utilized in multiple ways at once. Does that mean it is your super power? It can be. Once you get on a roll with it, you can take it up a notch. Do a movement that challenges you, one that builds strength. It may be rough going at first and you may need to build up to even one complete set. But once you get there, be sure to celebrate that win and then make a goal to complete one set more. THEN, you can even add a pound more of weight, just one, but that light sounding single pound can begin to feel heavier as the reps increase. Funny how that Power of ONE works. Then one day, you will find that you are doing the workout, but it doesn’t feel as much like work. That isn’t because the workout changed and became easier, it’s because you changed and became stronger, one rep at a time.

One last thing, lol… I want you to take a deep breath right now and have a laser focus on envisioning yourself six months from now, after six months of moving each day for your health. You did it! Six months of daily accomplishments that were sometimes hard, but you did them, one day at a time. How confident do you feel? How strong do you feel? How powerful do you feel? You have the Power of One. Use your power for good. Use your power for you. Tomorrow is day ONE!

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