Water is life, but I’d rather drink…

I drink a lot of water… most days. I drink water when I workout, so daily. I prefer cold, ice or even hot water over room temp. I even choose hot water over tea. But lately, I find myself wanting anything other than water when I’m not working out. I love a vitamin packed smoothie which I make myself using frozen fruit, unsweetened juice, flax and chia seeds and sometimes a handful of power greens. My guilty pleasure is a lychee green tea with boba, lychee and mango jellies, clear pearls and grass jelly. My beverage of choice on vacation is POG. It’s rare, but I enjoy a cold brew mocha frappe which I’ll make at home. It reminds me of when my grandma would let me have a sip of her coffee when I was little or she would give me coffee candy which was wrapped in pretty colored foils. To this day my favorite cake is still the Coffee Crunch Cake from Eastern Bakery in San Francisco Chinatown. Oh wait, I digress. So with all these other options, how will I get myself to stay on track getting the water that is so necessary to a fit life? I need to remind myself, that I am happiest when I feel strong and healthy and how water plays a part in that. So pay attention ME…

Water will rev up my metabolism and help me feel fuller… ok, I’ll eat less and that’s good, because even if I make healthy food choices, food is a comfort mechanism and I will eat way more than I need to or even really want to.

Water energizes me… because when I am dehydrated I feel sluggish and that is because the water helps my blood to transport oxygen and nutrients throughout my body so no wonder if I’m withholding water, I’m withholding what my body needs to function.

Water helps my workout to be more efficient… staying hydrated helps prevent muscle cramping and again with the energy… I need that to get the full benefit of my movements.

Warning: Potty talk… water keeps me regular as water aids in digestion… just sayin.

Water helps me to look healthier… which makes me feel more confident, as hydration of my skin cells will help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and keeps me looking younger.

Hmm… that’s all I have to say for now because I suddenly want to go drink some water!

Dangerous Glow

The amber glow hints of dusk as the sun sets somewhere on the horizon, or is is the early morning hours as the sun is just beginning it’s ascent to welcome the morning? It was neither. This picture was posted just after noon time on September 9, 2020 and my best guestimate was that it was snapped between 8 and 11am. That is because on that day and particularly that morning there were numerous shots of my beloved Bay Area with that same eerie hue. You see, the sky was so smoke filled from fires ablaze all along the west coast that the oversimplified explanation is that the blues light wavelengths which come from further up in the sky were blocked out. The fresh air that we take for granted in Northern California, has been a stranger to our lungs for more days than not for well over a month now.

For fitness enthusiasts, the challenging air quality has been just another factor to manage in our pursuit of sound mind by way of sound body. I taught my last, in person, indoor fitness classes on March 16 and learned that afternoon that a Shelter-In-Place order, due to Covid-19, was in effect immediately. The gears in my head started turning and I put together a plan and was teaching virtual classes the very next day, March 17. I’ve been blessed to have my students support their physical well being by adapting to this new way of working out with me. Yet, there are those, and I absolutely to my core understand where they are coming from, that just don’t “feel” the same about taking a class via a screen. I missed them so much. I needed to find a way to make it work. So when I was able to concoct a plan for outdoor small group workouts, a committed group eagerly jumped on board. Several weeks in, a thunder and lightning storm more reminiscent of Florida, set Northern California ablaze. Shortly thereafter, it seems the entire west coast was a fringe of fire adorning the rest of the country, burning so fervently that smoke traveled all the way across to the Northeast and the way the media played it, “as far as New York”. As of the last couple of weeks, the heroic firefighters from all over the country have gotten the west coast fires contained. That meant that we could once again head into the open air, knowing that we should not take the opportunity to breathe, lightly. It seemed especially satisfying working out with my group this morning. I came home grateful and exhilarated, attended church online, and then decided to check air quality forecasts. Another fire in Northern California… as of this writing, there are two. So I pray for those in the fires path, also for those on the frontlines. Also, I remember…to be grateful. And with a sigh, doing so with a deep breath, as I slowly expel that wonderful air from my lungs, I remember to not take having fresh air for granted.

Energy Conservation

What an emotional week, but DON’T CANNONBALL INTO THE LOO!

I took this picture on one of the last trips I was on and I know that is not the meaning of it, but it is what I saw today when I happened upon the pic 😁

The point I want to make is, don’t give all your energy to things that are out of your hands. Put your energy to things you can influence. On the most basic level, take care of YOU. Be healthy and strong so you can do the things that are important, so you can be there for the people that depend on you, so you can think clearly and take action for the betterment of this world. Your health plays a bigger part than most people realize, ask anyone that has ever gotten extremely ill or even think about the last time you were very sick or injured yourself. It affected EVERYTHING in your life.

When you are strong physically, it enables you to be stronger mentally. And if you need just a minute… don’t worry, I’ve got you!

My new “Normal”

Being a mom of three can be exhausting, but in the very best possible way. 2020 will definitely be a year to remember. It started off like most other years and then Covid-19 burst onto the scene. By mid-March we were sheltering at home and suddenly my time of respite when at home, when my sanctuary was mine and mine alone… HISTORY. Suddenly there was a college student, a high schooler and a middle schooler where there was once quiet space. I quickly moved to fitness instructing online, along with doing all my training as a Tupperware Business Leader virtually. I’ve been in Tupperware for 25 years by the way… but that story is for another day. Between school and dance classes (all 3 kids are amazing dancers, another topic for another day) bandwidth suddenly became a commodity more valuable than diamonds or gold or even white truffles. Summer brought relief as teenagers and a preteen will sleep til the afternoon if you let them; or unless they get hungry. But the college student took summer courses and the other two decided that they would need to practice to become professional gamers. So I moved instructing to the mornings and attempted to do other work in the afternoons and evenings. But the money that I saved on gas from not driving anywhere but for essentials, and when I say essentials 90% is food, was now being inhaled by these three voracious children of mine. Since each was a toddler, I would tell people they eat like teenage boys and they would laugh until they witnessed it themselves. Then, they would tell others, “She’s not kidding, they really do.” Well, now Dancer Girl is grown with a very active metabolism and my husband I basically have her and two teenage boys to feed. All summer, I was cooking enough to stock a buffet (also likely a thing of the past) everyone was eating so much, after all, pretty sure that the kids get their healthy appetites from my hubby and I. It meant I was running a very full dishwasher twice a day. Well, 2020 continues to be memorable, because in the middle of record-breaking heat, a thunder and lightning storm ensued for the fourth year that we had wildfires all over Northern California. As of this writing, there are now fires all up and down California and even up into Oregon and Washington. The plan WAS for the kids to do some of their distance learning in the backyard, but air quality has been unhealthy since the school year started. I’m sure you all saw the photos of the eerie amber skies above the San Francisco Bay Area looking like a zombie apocalypse movie set. I’m a lucky one though. My kids are all rocking distance learning with full days “in class” so I’m able to run two full time businesses from home. Though home is a different place nowadays, but that is a good thing because my house is constantly full of the people I love.